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What is the difference between 700 , 1000 And 1200 Reed Carpets?

In this article, we are going to provide information on the difference between a 700 , 1000 and 1200 reed carpet. It can help you a lot in choosing the carpet you want, so join us in this article.

Machine Woven Carpet

Before dealing with the difference between a 700 , 1000 and 1200 carpet, it should be said that machine woven Carpets are less expensive than handmade carpets and therefore more common in use. The low price of a carpet does not mean that it is of low quality. Machine woven carpets are produced in a variety of beautiful designs.

Carpet Reeds

In knitting machines there is usually a section called the carpet reeds that passes through the reeds strands.In fact, the transverse density of the knitted part of the knot is called the carpet reeds and its unit is meters and is easily calculated. For example, if we say a rug is a 1000 reeds , that means the number of nodes in each meter is 1000 nodes.